Janos vacuumed his bedroom.

I thought it was an important decision.

I'm almost sure of it.

I can only say that I agree with you.

Dan didn't even want to train Linda.

He took off at full speed without saying where he was going.

This is just a symptom of a much bigger problem.

I am not a native but I would leave it now the way it is.

He can borrow my moped for a few days.

I felt I could trust Pratt.

How are you going to stop Steven?

Many nights did he spend, looking up at the stars.

I must report this to them.

Jinny watched impatiently.


We don't have the money.


That really went well.

How did you know what I was going to say?

He's a brilliant economist.


Who ruled this country?

Why won't you let me see Marco?

I didn't know who they were.


I got something for her.

The museum has an exhibit of ancient weapons.

Rahul is claustrophobic.

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Now folks, let's go on.

After they drank the wine they got up and left.

Did Dan have dinner?

I'll pick him up later.

I study from eight to eleven.

The meat's gone bad.

The teacher showed us how to use a computer.

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Land prices are very high in Japan.

I'm the only one other than Gill who thinks Tareq isn't ugly.

We'd better get a move on or we'll be late.


They should pay me for doing this.

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Fear always springs from ignorance.

I have life insurance.

Your ignorance is astonishing.

Turkeer doesn't have any enemies I can't think of.

I didn't plan on staying.

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What is needed to win a lawsuit?

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Sometimes we go by bus, and sometimes by car.

They fixed it.

I thought it would be like a few little steps with skips and turns.

They hated you.

All dictionaries contain errors.


Linder learned about Vern's death later that morning.

Give me a donut.

I'm really glad to hear it.


Good work!

I'm looking forward to it.

I barely know Wes.


Her faith in God is unshaken.

I'll tell you what we're going to do.

Laura played a waltz on the piano using only his thumbs and Jill was very impressed.

They're all children.

John had a novel idea.

Yvonne seemed very nervous.

We are all part of the global economy.

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Mickey is devastated.

Jane went to the bank to take out some money.

She called him every bad name she knew.

Do you want to stop Jennifer?

Sanford wanted Ping to go away.

My mother's friends are my friends.

You are making spare parts in a car factory, aren't you?

There was nothing to do but wait until the next morning.

Is there a subway station around?

You convinced me.

He has no moral values.

But now Jerry says he doesn't want to go.

My left heel is inflamed.

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She does not understand French.

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Why are you so scared? It's just a movie.

He beatboxes professionally.

Perry and I didn't get a chance to talk.

Neither defendant was found guilty.

A magnificent sight presented itself before us.

He bought a pair of new gloves.

Someone is coming over.


I need a bag to carry it in.

I can't believe I'm going to die this way.

I'd rather not talk about it here.


There is a parking lot behind the theater.


I can't recollect his explanation.

Take particular care when walking on icy paths.

Ricardo swam in the pond behind his house.

Things weren't going well with Roman.

I figured you might know who Tad went with.

Sundaresan is very incompetent.

You won't be shot.


Won't you eat lunch with me?


Kees got soaking wet.

An awful accident happened yesterday.

He looked pleased.

She was on the verge of tears.

I have to see Bob.


In the fall we harvest our summer crops.

Lori is a guard.

I'd like Juliet to demonstrate how to do the butterfly.

Jon said he thought he had forgotten something.

Ta-dah! Well then, Haruta, it's OK to look now! It's everybody's yukata debut.

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I didn't know you were coming to visit.

Car? Ah, if you mean that limousine, - I chartered it.

We need to find out how many people are planning to go with us.


Toufic had a beer.

Martha decided that he shouldn't stay any longer.

Kusum usually plays a good game of tennis, but he's not in good form today.

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Teri walked right past Debi.

Hazel has been around a very long time.

Everyone's watching me.

I'll hide in here.

I didn't know you could cook so well, Wilmer.

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Saify was kissing Wendy when I walked into the classroom.

Panzer removed his pistol from his shoulder holster and laid it on the table.

This machine doesn't have a safety device.

I'd like you to stay with me for a while.

Dinner is ready.


Either you or I have to go there.

Show me one of those.

Had Napoleon been born in this century, what could he have done?

I would like to use your word processor.

The accident happened suddenly.

I want to introduce you to her.

I got what you mean.


Every non-trivial program has at least one bug.

The boy is capable of robbery.

I'm not as poor as I used to be.

Things are not what they seem.

One of answers is correct.

Are you a shareholder?

You will never be too old to learn.

I'll show you what I can do.

I didn't lie. You did.


That couldn't be confirmed.

I was up for hours last night thinking about Celia.

The money will turn up.

At first, Meg was homesick.

Both my brothers are married, but my sisters are all single.

Tao might be harder to deal with in the future.

Let's get another one.

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There's no use trying to persuade him.

She dressed him like children dress their pets.

We would like to live in this village and study the Kadazan language.

Sports is one of my favorite topics.

What were you celebrating?


I just want to talk to you.

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I'll warn them.

I don't want a horse.

Bourbon is made from corn.

I can not afford to buy a used car.

Everything is solvable!

I have to find out when Hume plans to leave.

All of us know him well.

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I just want Stephanie to get well.


I usually get up at seven.

I saw Jingbai out of the corner of my eye.

Wait for us, Laurie.

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Owen is apparently an honest person.

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I think it was wrong.

He has a short attention span.

How could we handle this problem?


When only death remains, the last resort is to beg for food.