I prefer to be hanged rather than being shot.

I think it is morally wrong to eat people.


If only he would marry me.

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Did you get anything?

I may admire others but I have never aspired to be like anyone, other than myself.

You'd better tell Benjamin what he needs to do.

The coalition force fired at her car at the checkpoint in Bagdad.

That was a nasty surprise.

You're blinded by your arrogance.

We're wasting time.

Oh! Is it true?

May your soul rest in peace.


I hope they all have fun.

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If I read a thousand books in English, will I become fluent in it?


Do you want to drink something?


The short man wears a black suit.

Dawn doesn't have to eat this if he doesn't want to.

Do you really think you can be here by 2:30?

She wrote to a friend.

He is poorly educated.

There are no cops around.

I recently had surgery.

You blew it, Moore.

I woke up just in time to go to work.

You know her name, don't you?

You didn't leave me shit.

You can count on her.

Evelyn is a dummy.


Her hair is turning gray.

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Who wouldn't want to go out with Werner?

Sehyo won't be back till dinner time.

You want to go to Boston with Cindie, don't you?


She will not be able to come here tomorrow.

Have you ever had any serious illness?

I talked about the international brotherhood of painters.

Many people, especially older ones, were very disapproving of Elvis Presley's suggestive hip movements during his stage performances.

His little sister is very cute, isn't she?

Lack of sleep will make you do stupid things.

This computer has a floppy disk drive.


Jeanne says he'll give it a try.


How can this be stopped?


How did you know it was there?


Do not touch or insert foreign objects into the connectors of the console or accessories.

Would you like me to try again?

I don't speak French as much as I used to.

You may leave us, Lievaart.

I passed a sleepless night.


Manny is fabulous.

We're worried about Grandma and Grandpa.

He failed in the attempt to sail across the Pacific Ocean.

We went on safari with a hire car.

There's still a lot of work to do.

Let him wait!

It's getting a little bit ridiculous that day after day I'm busting my ass so that you'll learn something. Now, for once, I'll do something for my own education.

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Tait hasn't got the chance to poison the atmosphere or undermine the love between Kusum and her new lover.

The adventures I read about are absent from my life.

When was this bridge built?

His jokes really slay me.

A girl drowned in the pond yesterday.

Let's all take a step back and think.

Tell me everything you know about Anthony.

What do you call this plate?

Oleg said he wasn't ready to give up.

Could we have a table in the corner?

I'm not going to let Irvin do that.

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Do you think that bothered me?

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The committee are all for the plan.

I think it's obvious, don't you?

How was Vishal's dinner party?

That's all we needed.

Everyone wants to leave a mark.

Case said you'd know.

I saw a bottle of black hair dye in the medicine cabinet.

What kind of funeral do you want?

The students have an excellent gym at their disposal.


Mohammad didn't touch anything.


That hat looks good on you.

Let's receive him with a happy smile.

The victory made us more excited.


Teriann rubbed his hands together.

You can't tell her not to go.

My best friend always gives me good advice.

Why don't you just tell Maurice you made a mistake?

OK, I won't do it again.

He believes that there is a spy among us.

They did not want to answer my questions.


If you accept gay marriage ten years after it became the law of the land, you are not avant garde, you are a laggard.


Watch me closely.

I'm not doing this anymore.

He got very proficient in English in a few years.

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Now the first raindrops are already falling.

Please don't drink beer before going to bed.

The profit will amount to three million dollars.

I don't want to misspell anything.

Back into the hole where I was born.


The stock market tumbled.

These are wonderful.

Go do your homework.

Did someone contact her?

I think that hotel is going to be a little pricey for you.

Take the money with you.

I suggest that you study harder.

Please give him a dose of medicine every six hours.

She would make a perfect wife.

He doesn't want to talk about it.

I haven't many brothers.

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Are you sure you're feeling well enough to see Tobias?

I'd like to cancel tomorrow's meeting.

Have you already finished?

Nicholas wanted to hire a detective.

His theory is not amenable to simplification for laymen.

I need to get her home.

We ran for the glory of the school.


We are two of a kind.

I will call you tomorrow.

Stay away from that place.

That religious cult has got some pretty off the wall ideas.

Raised hands have become a symbol of protest.

Your life is in my hands.

Don't put on weight.

I'll try to do it as fast as I can.

The whole plan is only based on his personal opinions.

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Are you saying Penny won't help us?


I like to fry fish.


It is aptly said that illness starts from the mind.

We have two dogs. One is black and the other is white.

Do you find me repulsive?

The volunteer firefighters fought the blaze bravely, with scant regard for their own safety.

I want to become better at playing baseball.

In addition to hiring me, he gave me a piece of advice.

I want the freedom to my country, so that other countries can learn something from my free country.

They look pretty close.

One should not make fun of others.

Mark felt guilty about the way he'd treated Syd.

Clem doesn't go fishing as much as he used to.

Accrued interest will be paid into your account.

He put his hands in his pockets.

The gibbous moon appears to grow fatter each night until we see the full sunlit face of the Moon. We call this phase the full moon.

I'm afraid we don't have any left.

We were very careful.

He beatboxes professionally.


I used to take long walks every afternoon.

Hold her down.

Darin is way off the mark.


Urdu is her mother tongue.

Vassos laid his cards on the table.

Adam looks weaker.

Ernie tried to stay calm.

Keep her happy.


You will be able to dance well.

Give me three pieces of chalk.

I'm pretty sure that's what Joyce wants to do.

Did you tell Socorrito how you feel?

Ken can't get his computer to work.

Let's get ready for Saturday.

Why are you still single?

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After we had eaten, we went outside to skate.

I discussed it with them.

We look forward to receiving your quote by return mail.

The coffee pot is full of coffee.

I'm a busy person.

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I appreciate the offer, but I can't accept it.

Technically he is still a student.

If anything happens, I'll give you a call.

We could use your help.

According to him, the president must not be turned into a caricature, the loss of authority and public order cannot be borne.