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What Is ZingFan?

With ZingFan you can create your own online scrapbook by placing all your sports moments in one place.
  • A totally free social network site.
  • It brings athletes of all ages and skill levels and their fans together anywhere in the world.
  • Any athlete, sports fan, team, club, organization or event, at any level, can create a user profile and upload their sports moments via pictures, videos and comments to their timeline.
  • Become fans of others and follow everyone's sports moments all at once on your Sportsfeed.
  • Share pictures and videos with your fans and fans of, providing them with more sporting moments to be used on their time lines or photo albums.
It's the place to post a picture or video of your victory, big hit, touchdown, goal, or even the big fish you caught when no one was around. These moments will be archived in your timeline for viewing by current fans, and fans of generations to come.

How it Works

  • Create a user profile as an individual or as an administrator for a team/organization. The profile page can tell as much about you as you wish depending on if you're an avid sport's person or just a fan.
  • Start uploading your sports moments to your timeline via pictures, videos and comments, all organized in chronological order for easy access.
  • Upload pictures/videos on the website or take and upload pictures/videos anywhere in the app and post them to your timeline, save them in your personal gallery, or create a photo album to share with your fans.
  • Become a fan of others and stay up to date with their posts via your Sportsfeed.
Finally, everyone's sports moments in one place!


  • Create your own personal site to highlight and save all of your exciting sports moments throughout your lifetime. All of your teams, coaches, and fellow players can be included.
  • Connect to your current team as well as all the teams you have played with in the past.
  • Communicate and share with your coaches, teammates, and fans with comments, messages and Likes. You can post photos and videos to your own personal timeline, or share for others to enjoy.
  • You can earn Zingfan Trophies! Each post that contains a photo or video can earn you a trophy from your personal fans. Have fun with your teammates and see who can get the most ZingFan Trophies.
  • Tag your big events, such as your first home run, goal, or championship -- with ZingFan Milestones! Fans and recruiters can quickly locate your milestones and view your most important sports achievements.


  • You are in complete control of your child's Zingfan website. You maintain complete control over each child's ability to post, comment, and accept fan requests. Each option is available individually, so as your child grows older you can provide them greater control over their site as you see fit.
  • There is no need to remember multiple logins for each of your children. Through your one login account, you access and control each of your children's sites. Switching between each child's site is a breeze.
  • Each of your children has the ability to login in a restricted mode with the ZingFan app, to see their site. Your children can view photos and videos, comments from fans, and keep up with their personal trophy awards.

Coaches and Team Administrators

  • Organize your team and control fan interaction to build a more successful sports program. Engage your fans with an interactive website that inspires their team spirit.
  • You can create a fully interactive team site for each sport and season. Each team can have an individual gallery of photos and videos, roster, and schedule of events.
  • You maintain complete control over what gets posted -- all with your one account.

Fans of all Ages!

  • Zingfan is the best website for Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and fans of all ages to keep up to date on the achievements of your favorite teams and most valuable players.
  • Start your account with ZingFan and "fan" your favorite players. Your personal "sports feed" will contain all of their most recent plays and achievements.
  • Award players a trophy for that "great play" or offer words of encouragement for upcoming events.
  • Watch their sports achievements grow through the years while still having the ability to easily look back at those younger moments.