The Perfect Software for Comprehensive Managment and
use of Multiple Amazon Accounts and More.

An automated system that lets you get back to selling your product.


What is MAMS?

Mams Suite is a SAFE, EASY, and CONVENIENT way to access all your multiple
accounts in different marketplaces. Mams helps you scale your business with a click of a
button and reducing the risk of human-error.


Multiple Accounts Manager

Multiple Accounts Manager

Own numerous accounts on Amazon, eBay, and other
marketplaces enabling you to reduce and diversify your
business risks, and keep them isolated from each other.
Secure and Hassle Free

Secure and Hassle Free

Eliminate the option of having to remove website
cookies every time you want to switch to another similar
account. Ever heard of super-cookies used by major
e-commerce websites.
Error Free

Error Free

Stay safe from common mistakes like human errors
during account login from one proxy/VPN end to
another account, or even not forgetting to clean
browser history, caches or cookies.
Smart Proxy Switch

Smart Proxy Switch

Find reliable, permanent and secure proxies,
VPNs, and dedicated servers that you will work
with while managing your multiple accounts.
Account Access Management

Account Access Management

Monitor all accounts you issued, to freelancers, by
ensuring they don't link your account to other accounts
they own. With MAMS you no longer need to worry
about whether or not any of your accounts will be sus-
pended/held, in the case where one account is withheld.

How it Works

Upon accessing the MAMS software
application, register to have a MAMS
Once you Install the multi-tasking browser
add-on (preferrable Firefox). The add-on
takes care of your browser settings.
Create a marketplace account (be it Amazon,
Google, eBay or any other) in the system.
MAMS's proxies are of high quality compared
to the rest of the market. The proxies are:
  • Private: where nobody else uses it.
  • Permanent; works on a monthly basis,
    whenever you need it
  • Completely anonymous.
  • All localted in the USA.
MAMS will then automatically assign you a
private anonymous proxy for your account.
The add-ons do the following:
Clear all browser cookies (including supercookies) for the selected marketplaces.
Clear all browser cache.


per month
1 Manager Account
- User accounts
per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I need to buy VPN servers separately?
  • Do I need a MAMS suite if I only have one Amazon account?
  • Do I have to remember all Amazon logins and password for multiple Amazon accounts and which VPNs are assigned to which account?
  • Can I use MAMS suite from different locations and different computers?