I imagine that'll change.

What is this sound?

I just wanted my old life back.

I am a 22 year-old man.

He looks haggard.

It's recommended that you get a mammogram every year.

I want to remember all of this.

Pilar was stupid enough to believe Henry.

Jisheng writes home to his parents at least once a month.

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Whether a joke is found to be funny depends strongly on the culture.

Ian shouted at Mason.

We really need to talk to them.

I'm not carrying any cash.

My credit card was rejected by the cashpoint.

No one is saying that.

I think Hector is perfect for Sri.

What's he doing out here?

It'll all be over soon.

The roses gave off a nice smell.

Ariel didn't ask for Theodore's help.


You didn't tell me it was illegal.


He is an angry drunk.


Naresh was sitting cross-legged on the floor.

This gift is from him.

Sanche's prone to exaggeration.

Hold on just a second, would you, please?

I didn't understand any of what Root said.

How much did all this cost?

He has two sons, who became merchants.

I need the money.

They headed westward.


I'm so glad you're staying.

I will show her my car.

Does he have a family?


They cleaned everything, from the basement to the attic.

Can you handle a firearm?

My hometown is in the center of Kobe.

I can't reach the top shelf.

I think we all know why we're here.

Stop it. He's our friend, isn't he?

I'm extremely happy.


Mason is at the hotel now.


I want them to stop.


Mike doesn't play basketball on Mondays.

I acknowledge your kindness.

Yesterday I went to the river to catch fish.

I'm intrigued by Raja's idea.

Francisco and his friends often play cards until after midnight.

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And then Sandeep did something totally unexpected.

Christopher and Dick continued to look at each other.

I'm afraid I can't tell you this.


We feel bad for them.

They refused to accept the pay raise.

We were about to call you.

She studied hard lest she should fail her exam.

Don't go near the edge.

My brother's an authority on philosophy.

The period is missing at the end of the sentence.


No student has ever complained of pains in the front lobe of the left side of the brain.

You will get the right to choose.

I do want it.

I need more vitamin D.

I wish I had a dog.

They've caught her.

I still have friends in the CIA.

I spend what time I can spare in reading.

I know there are others.

Stanislaw came upstairs.

I leaned forward.

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It was not until then that I realized my mistake.

Suddenly, Jeffery grabbed his chest in pain.

Did you find anything in that store that you liked?

You can't hurt me any more than you already have.

As a do-it-yourselfer, he made a doghouse.

We're embarrassing them.

I'll come back for him.


You'll never make it out of here alive.

He knows how to assert himself.

The purpose of antitrust law is to stop the abusive influence of the market by big companies.


He is busy preparing for an examination.


If I die today, I'll haunt you every minute of your life.

I am going to apply for a visa today.

Don't cut that wire.

He tossed and turned all night.

Leora has a piano.

I think you are incorrect.

The Swallows are ahead 4 to 1!


If you start to go blind, just give a shout.

Gambling is illegal.

The decision whether I should see her is mine alone.


The man suspected of murdering Jem has been arrested by the police.


What is there to be afraid of?

How do we get there?

I remember this map.

Today I read a daily newspaper and I found a very interesting article there.

I was born and raised in the country.


Hank's computer died on him.


We need a lot of patience when we study.

The USA left Vietnan in 1975, Henry Ford made the model T car in 1909, and I left Brasilia in 1998.

Ahmed saw an attractive middle-aged lady in the park.


Edgar didn't want to play poker.

Is this what you were looking for?

It fell to pieces.

There was another guy with him.

I was promoted three months ago.

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I'm so glad to hear that.

Convictions are prisons.

It's getting late.

How did it work?

He is at home.


The paper aeroplane slowly glided to the ground.

We're getting there.

Tao doesn't often come here.


Our former home was in Sweden.


Maximum length: 200 words.


Nothing will take me away from you.

Some artists are contemptuous of criticism.

I'd like to dedicate this song to my mom.


I saw her smile.

Violet wrote a letter once a month.

I don't think you're wrong.

I hope our team will win.

She did nothing but grieve over her husband's death.

How many samples, for example?

We drank a lot of alcohol.

I don't like his type.

I really thought I'd win.

What Jill says is true.

Romain is in plenty of danger already.


Is it cruel to declaw your cat?


You can't rely on him.

I may be away for a couple of days.

I didn't expect Vassos to get here on time.


You can't get the suitcase closed because you've stuffed too much into it.

Cathrin suggested that I accompany Barney to the party.

Anderson said he paid thirty dollars for that shirt.

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Mikey really doesn't seem interested.

We should tell him.

If my house were a mansion, I would invite everyone I know to my birthday party.

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It was just an accident that we met.

I want to hear the truth.

How are things at the office?

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I like to read about science.

We wouldn't like to lose you.

I'm pleased with these shoes.


You're only three years older than me.

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Nothing is achieved without effort.


What's your favorite dessert with bananas?

Those can't keep his eyes off Drew.

Jacques thanked Matt for helping him decorate his Christmas tree.

You'll never be able to do it by yourself.

That would work.


Ups and downs must be expected; but even in the face of catastrophic loss and sorrow, I like to think that at bottom I can't not be all right: I read the lines as they were written.

You should have rejected him right from the start instead of leading him on.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Why don't you answer my messages?

She raised that child at a great cost.


No one had a flashlight.


Naomi told his children a bedtime story.