Curiosity has landed on Mars.

Tell me something new.

Who gave it to them?

Bradford kept Stacy waiting for three hours.

She was always ready to help people in trouble.

I can't picture her playing the piano.

Give me three reais worth of bread.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

We're not wrong.

I followed to the letter what you have told me.


Please get whatever you like.

Sorry for keeping it secret from you.

I wish that I could believe you.

We live in that apartment just over the street.

Her shirt was stained with sauce.

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Life is more than what we see.

I hope Marci likes the cake I baked for him.

This is a hotel, not a brothel.

There is no one right answer to this question.

I'm Alastair's roommate.

It is cheaper than chemical fertilizers.

I'm washing the dishes.

Now this is your problem, not mine.

Kenn was awarded a lucrative contract.

Randy is going inside.

Our bus left at eight, arriving in Boston at eleven.

He does not get up early.

Are you sure Revised can't hear us?


Swimming makes the legs stronger.

I'm not trying to control you.

What's her name?


Ole isn't able to do that.


Esperanto is a language for the whole world.


My aunt, who lives in Tokyo, sent me a beautiful blouse.

Drinking lots of alcohol can help, because it gets you drunk.

They lost their way in the mountain.

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Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Anne and I bought that house on Park Street.

The country is in ruins, yet still there are mountains and rivers.


Lorraine had plenty of questions.

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Gideon is very outspoken.

People are still scared.

Einstein later married his cousin Elsa Einstein.


Some people think that advertising is a form of brainwashing.

I don't want you to quit what you're doing.

Betsy told Clarissa to go back home.


She set the table for supper.


The questionnaire form was distributed properly.


The first and second volumes are available online.

Are you a doctor?

Dinner's ready already. When are you going to be home?

Sweden is called "Sverige" in Swedish.

We're going to the pool.

Randolph comes from a wealthy family.

I know this has been a hard time for you.


Bea couldn't decide where to go.

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Win's teacher wished him the best of luck in whatever he chose to do after leaving school.

No matter if black, brown, yellow or normal, all people should have the same rights.

I may as well start at once.

We've come to an arrangement.

Panacea understands the situation.


Islam first reached China about the middle of the 7th century.

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Practice thrift!

Daren offered to help Syun pay for a babysitter.

She used to be diligent.

The teacher told the pupils to put those words down in their notebooks.

She's a bohemian.


pumpkins stored away after harvest for a little become good and ripe to eat.


We are going by train.

She liked that.

I'm sending you a birthday present by airmail.


Math doesn't suck, you do.


Things were already terrible.


I'd like Pascal to meet Thuan.


Can I get your opinion on something?

I'm so humiliated.

I couldn't hear Calvin.

Barack Obama is the President of the United States.

There are a lot of people in the city.

I doubt Gerard would be that foolish.

How many men do you have?

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You don't have to worry about Tracy anymore.

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He will soon be past playing with toys.

Look at how long they are!

I was born there.

I just tell people what they want to hear.

He got married to Ann last month.


Let's throw a party.

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He's stark naked.

There's fresh bread and water here.

I have to go pee.

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Look at that cat on the roof.

I'm going to use rice for my collage.

Sundaresan doesn't look much older than Marian.

Bacon comes from pigs.

There will be other chances to do this later.

You won't find anything here.

Injuries may be forgiven, but not forgotten.

The prices of raw materials such as oil or coal continue to rise.

Please be careful not to break this vase.

Open this door now!

You should've seen what Jenine did.

If you don't want me to stay here, I'll leave.

This book is geared towards beginners.

I'm unconvinced.

My computer is antiquated already.


I was very busy.

Serdar didn't know anything about what was happening.

The center fielder shifted his position for the slugger.

Right on.

I felt the floor shake.

Jack tore open the envelope.

Cory sat on the bench and crossed his legs.

Marnix turned around.

What've you been doing to him?

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Kieran hasn't had the chance to do that yet.

He cannot support his family on his monthly income.

I am very reserved.

A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.

Beverly didn't say anything to me.

Can we hurry this along?

She couldn't afford it.

Both sheets of paper are the same shape.

I'm thorough.

Nancy looks like my sister.

The minister contradicted his own statement.

Shane, who goes off and on attending the computer, is obviously crazy.

I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk.

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The work calls for patience.

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Life in the country is not always tranquil.

Hmm, that's fixable.

Raymond saw a large bird.

I lived in the Rhineland for many years.

The liner will call at Kobe.

I'm going to look for Roberta now.

We had to stop because of the heavy rain.

Ragnar has denied using steroids.

My favorite flavor is chocolate.

Matthieu sat under a tree, reading a book.

Japan is the best country under the sun.

I couldn't find the page I was looking for.

I've been helping them.

I've never seen him so happy.

I'm no longer your assistant.


I didn't order any fruit.

Danny has come back from Boston.

I no longer have a headache.

Healing the wounds of the heart takes time.

You must try this.

Hypotheses are nets: only he who casts will catch.

Each evening, a nightingale sang for us.

This house is not mine.

Eduardo was fucking Rik while translating this sentence on his Android device.


How much did you pay me?

I think I'm going back to sleep.

How pretty is this flower!

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There's still one more question that you haven't yet answered.

My parents discouraged me from traveling.

I am still keeping up my tennis craze.


Maybe the village elders will intervene to reconcile them.

That's something I can't control.

If you consider his age, then you can't blame him for his actions.

She seems interested in him.

She is curious about anything.