I want you to tell Elric that I love him.

You're welcome to join me if you want.

When money ceases to have value, the entire system stops working.


We'll be late.

When I die, I want to be buried here.

Norm and Olaf were sitting on the sofa, watching TV.


Who is going to try this case?

Everybody likes me.

It was not until then that he learned the truth.

When I look at the stars, I feel like I'm really insignificant compared to the whole universe.

You have only to give the order.

Some words are inherently funny.

Be quiet and listen.

Why aren't you friends with Vicky?

The plane arrived at New York on schedule.

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Jack can speak French.

It's probably a warning.

You must be new here.

Frederic imposed draconian punishments on her son for committing even the smallest infractions.

She cleared off the table.

You've been up all night, haven't you?

You should have bought a Teflon-coated pan.

I'll soon register for a course in German.

I wonder what ever happened to Rogue.

Do you know how this works?

Raghu couldn't answer the question.


I'll have to do that.

There were no schools for the deaf at that time.

Bruno hasn't changed very much.

The clitoris is the most sensitive organ of a woman.

Oral tradition has existed for hundreds of years.

I dream about her every night.

Judging from his manner, he is not suitable for this job.

Don't treat me like a fool!

All the villagers know of the accident.


Pardon me for interrupting.

I don't think Donn understood.

I had to let him win.

It's 300 miles from here to Boston.

They had to buy their supplies in New York.

Aaron's mobile phone fell out of his pocket into the pool when he leaned over to check the water level.

Dinosaurs died out a very long time ago.

That apple was really tasty.

The fugitive ended up trapped at a dead end street.


How dare you say that!


It's not about how much you're worth, but how much they are going to pay for having you.

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Fear and panic overwhelmed me.


The river runs through the valley.

I remember hearing about them.

The sea was glassy.

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If any of these were good enough, I would have told you by now.

Hey, come here.

He comes here once a month.

Don't forget your passport.

I am 30 years old.

I was told to contact you.

Parents want their children to get a good education.

You should on no condition touch these instruments.

I don't remember asking for it.

I don't even have a single girlfriend.

Let's talk about tomorrow's schedule.

Yes, I came from Sapporo.

I'll take care of you.

Lucifer asked Renu where she lived.

I want to give you the chance to do that.

The children are learning to add and subtract.

Forewarned is forearmed.


How tall is he?

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If anyone can do it, it's him.

We don't have to do this now.

Why can't we all get along?

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They drink too much.


My father didn't say a word during dinnertime.

You've been lying about everything, haven't you?

Randy doesn't seem to be very tired.

I wanted to see her, too.

She loved the two sisters like her daughters.

Is he that good?

Takao took a swig of beer.


I get paid a lot.

Wind the clock.

He turned over the matter in his mind.

My father drinks no spirits.

Elijah came home fairly late last night.

To investigate the incident would take us at least three weeks.

I am playing football now.

Were warning shots fired?

It goes in the direction of a disaster.

Don't set foot in that neighborhood.

I don't like guys like Damone.

I wish I were different.

His wife has him under the thumb.

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Let Bert have his fun.

I think you'll regret it if you sell your father's guitar.

He came to like her.

She always has to be the one giving orders.

I don't want to do anything else.


People are urinating in public.


I am on speaking terms with Kristen.

Do you really think Jingbai is better than I am?

I picked these flowers myself.


An English language students' magazine has invited readers to submit an article on the theme of culture shock.

Serbian trains are terribly slow.

This isn't worth getting worked up over.

Is there a zoo in the city?

As long as we live, we have to work.

The load of the truck was in excess of three tons.

Norbert used to practice the piano three hours every day.


He is the last person I would want to go skiing with.


I'm afraid I can't let you do that.

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I waited a long time.

I just read a book.

I could sure use your help right now.

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I asked her if she had been to Mexico.

Is tomorrow too soon?

Do you know any French songs?

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George wondered how Lanny felt.

I haven't quite decided.

Christie grew up near a lake, but he isn't a good swimmer.


Why does everybody say that?


I'd like to meet Kit someday.

It'll be hard to persuade Jeanne.

He is the first Japanese that traveled in space.

I met him at Tokyo Station.

Why didn't you run away?

I rewrote it.

Ask Mrs. Iguana how her back is, and she says it's softer than silk.

How did you manage it?

I have come so that you can inform me.

I choose to work.

Do you have any idea what's causing the problem?


I thought I could deal with it.

Vance has been hammering all day.

I was tired from doing my homework.

It was starting to rain.

I didn't realize that Curt was so gullible.

Emil knows what's going on.

I don't want to force you to go.


The hunter was alert to every sound and movement.

Trying died when he was thirty years old.

I knew you liked that action.

Not to brag, but I'm a really smart guy. Really. I took an IQ test once, and the results were off the charts.

Cindy isn't much of an athlete.

I have no choice but to go.

She lay her head on my chest so she could listen to my heartbeat.

There are many stores on either side of the street.

"Well, OK," Willie finally agreed.

I've seen a one-legged man.

You thought I wouldn't come tonight, didn't you?


I've never seen one before.


Do you know how to use one of these?


Ro sat down next to his daughter.


He is a storyteller and a poet.


Tell, what is "spiritual ties"?

"Who is it?" "It's me."

I used to beat Maria up in high school.

"What do you want for breakfast tomorrow? Bread? Rice?" "Either one is fine."

Japanese is not a Indo-European language.


Ole hoped that Teriann would consider visiting a few art museums with him.


Which one of the two brothers did you see?

The bus doesn't always come on time.

I have aggravation after eating.

It was competitive.

Billy doesn't know what became of Dieter after she graduated from high school.