"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."

I think maybe that was my fault.

You lead the way.

That's his.

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What's the world's highest mountain?


My girlfriend is very beautiful.

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I wish I'd been here to help.

I can't let myself have any more setbacks.

We are in part responsible for it.


I turned her down.

He speaks English.

No, Dad!

Discuss and give examples.

How should I answer if she inquires after you?


Does Dwight have any experience?

I have to clean the equipment, pack it away.

I'll be waiting for you in the lobby.

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Wisdom pursues me, but I am faster.

I'll give him his book tomorrow.

He is a inspector

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We were going to get married.


Christopher and Jerome have no idea what John intends to do.

These pills will cure you of your stomach-ache.

Everyone left except for us.

I wonder why Kieran ever wanted to marry Mara.

Throughout my life, I've had the great pleasure of travelling all around the world and working in many diverse nations.

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We offered to help Lenny move.

There's someone I'm in (unrequited) love with, but that person is busy now and I don't get replies to my emails.

French is definitely not the easiest language to learn.

Toerless, will you let me copy your math homework?

Fundamentally, you're not practicing anything by translating, so even if you say that you can't do it, once you've set your sights on a similar sentence you've seen before that is more natural yet does not quite convey the original sentence's nuances, translation proves to be an act that is quite addicting.


I don't have it.

She used to be a very shy girl.

Translation is a kind of special skill.

He told us to keep quiet.

Sridhar doesn't have the will power to quit smoking.

We were taught that World War II broke out in 1939.

You're doing great stuff here.

There's room for eight people in this elevator.

Tammy was untrustworthy.

He said that he spoke to her about the talk that he gave at the conference.

To tell the truth, I'm not in favor of it at all.

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You should try to be more polite.

I used to hate them.

Don't stay in Boston.

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You broke into my territory, now I must shoot you.

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We reap as we have sown.

My fuel line broke.

London was bombed several times.

He sat down on the bed.

My house is ten minutes' walk from the station.

Claude couldn't bribe Kirsten. However, he tried.

We decorated it.


There's little to do.

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I know somebody who speaks French very well.


I don't accept your arguments.

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This is not exactly healthy.

I don't have a system.

Dan didn't even email Linda back.

I think that's a really stupid idea.

He's used to speaking in public.

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I take it you like Panos.

I delivered identical twins.

Adrian took a shower.

I often assist my sister to do her homework.

The station is the middle of the city.

I can give you a lift if you like.

All the other windows are open.

A lot of snow fell on the Kanto region last week.

Did you go out last night?

Do you think I should go home?

Are you going to leave me any cookies?


She is twenty years old.

Some people are killing time relaxing on park benches.

I can make it work.

Did you see the way she looked at me?

Betsy doesn't know what Kelly wants to eat.

Matti went surfing.

You should check your bag to see if anything is missing.

We all want what we can't have.

He likes jazz, and so do I.


Chuck went home alone.

Fred didn't find Naim's jokes funny at all.

Alejandro's squirrel is not shy at all. He even stole nuts from right under my nose!

Why didn't you text me last night?

What may I eat?

One day the stepmother had given the girl a frightful beating, and then threatened to kill her outright.

I believe that he'll do fine.

I was a bit hungry.

The textbook shows the meaning of each individual word with a picture.

Watching the Chinese new year parade seated on the balcony is so pleasant.

Cory bowed respectfully to the old lady.


You must have thought of something.

There is no time to argue.

That doesn't sound right.

Christie was at an AA meeting.

At first, it is difficult.


Stars emit gamma rays at the time of their explosion.

He has plenty of qualities.

This is serious, Pratt.

At present they are working for a big company in England.

I wanted an economy car.

My house is very cold.

They said he was too friendly with conservatives.

Once the Sun is totally eclipsed, the Sun's corona can be seen shining in all directions around the Moon. This is a spectacular sight because the only time the Sun's corona can be seen is during a total solar eclipse.

Asian communities tend to be quite closed.

I have never seen an animal as tame as a turtle.

Don't you want to know why?


There is no limit to human progress.

It left me indifferent.

"Now, boys." he said.

Henry is a software developer.

Let's leave it at that for now.


I saw what your dog did.

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I assure you, that will not be necessary.


All Aaron wanted was a cheeseburger.

My shoes are the same size as his.

Jisheng didn't keep his promise to me.

It could be a huge opportunity.

I heard a car backfire.

We tricked her.

Jesus asked me how many guitars I owned.

Have they gone?

Don't let her give up.

He is going to climb that mountain someday.

If you don't want to get married, you shouldn't get married.

You'll regret it someday.

Bucky said he knew that I would come.

I'm getting along well with my new classmates.

I thought you got your job back.

The girl was sick for home.

John is taller than anybody else.

He failed the examination again.

I do not know how to use it.


I'll come here again tomorrow.


Go back, Skip.


God, don't mock my faith!

I hope to try out for cheerleader.

The last thing I want to do is leave you here alone.


Rodent was lucky yesterday.


Stewart and Novorolsky went to Australia for their honeymoon.

I paid for the purchase in cash.

Is there a restaurant close by?

This river abounds in small fish.

Everyone is looking forward to watching the game.

He is raising a big stink over a minor glitch.

Adam followed Leung through the gate.


In Latin there are five declensions.


I'm not leaving Murat here by himself.

Why would they think that?

He has a large family to provide for.

He worked in his favorite maxim.

Nobody is his own enemy.

I need to feed her.

I'm going to work with her.

She asked him to open the window.

"Why does Urumqi have such cold weather?" "Naturally, because it's north of the Tian Shan."

I'm going to be talking to Grant.

I don't want Tandy to think he has to help me.

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He shows interest in winter sports.

I allege that you are wrong, so I don't want to say a word anymore.

Kristin has a nodding acquaintance with Peggy.

Man is unhappy because he doesn't know he's happy. It's only that.

A little more to the right, just like so!

No more than one professor is respected by every student.

I promise I won't tell.