He is young and, what is more, handsome.

My son's short attention span is causing him problems at school.

The English used in the composition is too good. She can't have written it herself.

Barbra and I are Kelvin's classmates.

Sjaak was disappointed at not being invited.

Isn't that risky?

Save for the cold in the hall, the gig was good.

Wayne isn't guilty.


It seems that I met you somewhere.

Does Julian intend to help us?

The horse is a useful animal.

Kerry made fun of John's accent.

Do you have any evidence to prove him guilty?

I'll give you a ride back to the office.

This is the first time I've ever shaken with cold.

There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.

He has a lot of land.

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She's passed an English exam.

Carlo is friendly with Izumi.

Please refrain from smoking, while the non-smoking signs are on.


They sell sporting goods.

I have a lot more.

I love Laura's voice.

I haven't read a book in quite a while. It's enough to make me ashamed of myself.

That was nothing.

Mrs. Wood is a very good cook.

He is not to be trifled with.


We know what you did last night.

At his joke, they all burst into laughter.

This half-year was very successful.

He pushed her away.

Oh stranger, tell the Lacedaemonians that here we lie, obedient to their words.

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The tax agent allowed the deduction.


Thank you for your visit.

I told you it wasn't an accident.

Don't worry. My lips are sealed.


I think Robin is lonely.

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Piet didn't know what it was about.


What haven't you told me?

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Randy is asking me for a divorce.

Are you observant?

They're able to speak French.


He runs to the station every morning.

The central intelligence agency managed to plant a secret agent inside the deadly terrorist organization.

You're wearing eyeliner, aren't you?

Don't cry / For the good times gone. / Smile instead / While they're still going on.

It will not be long before he turns up.


Suwandi reminded me to stop at the supermarket and buy some bread.


You're still taller than me.

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A cow cannot jump from the tree like a unicorn.

This boy slept for eight hours.

The truth from the Lord of you all.

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Is it really all over?

Spencer and Andreas were very hungry.

The best way to learn French is to live in a French-speaking country.

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That's not quite big enough.

She is senior to me by three years.

That's it, isn't it?


Never wish anyone harm!

The village head decided to build a large granary to protect the grain from the weevils.

That's a very positive sign.

Though Miek spoke with an accent he had an impressive vocabulary.

Graeme worked day and night for weeks to meet the deadline.

I just wanted to come say goodbye.

When was the last time you left work early?


Valentin doesn't really plan to do that, does he?


Marcus was neither heard to confess nor able to deny.

At night you sleep.

Flags of the world fly proudly at the United Nations headquarters.

I missed school for six days.

I saw some flowers on the table.

We gave all we had.

I didn't want to work with him, but I made the best of it.

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Donald is the one you should be worried about.

I am afraid they can't get along very well.

How do you live like this?

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I can't recall all their names.

I don't usually buy used stuff.

I just came by to pick up the check.

I'd heard you'd moved.

It is easier to study when you are sitting in a comfortable chair.

I own a house in Boston, but Chicago is my home.

Roxanne lied to the cops.


She has no real friends.

He introduced his daughter to me.

I don't know where I should look.


Hunter asked me not to say anything.

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Get me out of here.

This is not the entrance.

Do you want to go out to a movie with me on Friday night?

He is quite a character.

I got to watch my son playing baseball and I was proud of him.

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I finished translating for today.

Lenora is wearing his soccer uniform.

I thought Fritz already knew about that.

I have gray hair.

Gabriel wanted proof.

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They're incredible.


He is enjoying his school life.


The job is practically done.


He deserves punishment.

Don't gawk at me.

I was absolutely right.

What subject do you think he is interested in?

Marlena almost never gets scared.

Have your paper on my desk by Wednesday.

Lester just wanted to say thanks.

You can see the stars with your naked eye, and even better through a telescope.

Soseki was a contemporary of Ohgai.


I learned that a long time ago.

The export of arms was not allowed.

You are entitled to have a lawyer.


The alien is a small intelligent multidimensional parasite that attaches to the host's nervous system.

This CD costs ten dollars.

Rusty has been too busy to visit us very often.


This species holds the record for long-distance migration.

I hate his parents.

I want to hear Wendell's voice.


He had to go without food for days.


Not so fast!

Do you think Tyler had something to do with this?

She sings it in an astonishing way.

It is difficult to be nobody.

I have no explanation.


I think we have to be patient.


The peace we have today is the result of lengthy peace talks.


Where did you taste them?

Danny missed his son.

My cat is happy.


I'm sorry that I've made you so unhappy.

I saw her at it with great enthusiasm.

The market is over-saturated.

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To lose face means to be humiliated.

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The gears had worn down over time.

Maybe Stan went out with Manjeri.

Do you think we'll make the train?

Is there anybody you want me to call?

I feel it's a tad risky to do that.


How did Pat get into Pedro's office?


I don't think Lana is available.

Anatole didn't resist.

The girl was used to staying up late.

This is Mick's handiwork.

She'd like him to leave right away.

I think Darrell is untrustworthy.

I hate sand.

You've got to get Mongo talking.

We're a pretty good team.

I use Windows for Workgroups 3.11 on my computer as an operating system.

I haven't given the documents to Glen yet.

I'm sorry you got dragged into this.

No sooner were the professors of Christianity sufficiently powerful to employ the sword than they did so.

Is it poisonous?

The problem is Jason's.

Did you receive my message?

Tim begged us to be patient.


The athlete says that during the race, he felt as if time had almost slowed down.