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Shadow doesn't look too happy.

We need to tell her about this.

A red ball is mixed in with the white ones.


Can we reschedule?

I told Claudia Kristian wouldn't accept the gift.

This study is my father's study.

I don't know what's best.

There is no hope.

Why would I ever apologize to Neal?

The city I grew up is very beautiful.

Antonella wrote about his experience.

She pointed at him.

Did you see anybody there?

His property was estimated at one hundred million dollars.

What was Jeanette afraid of?

I'm expecting a call from them.


I doubt if Suzanne would've done that.


I was disappointed with those results.

They are very important people.

Jean-Pierre's personal life is his own.

The length of a day or a year varies but little.

He goes by bike.

I can still remember a few words in Spanish.

That's what I'd like to do.

Some girls just never learn.

There is only a poor market for silk now.

I told Tal my story.

We need to get away from them.

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Hello, my name is Pekka. What is your name?

It's unlikely that anything serious will happen.

I'm willing to apologize.

The movie called "Paranormal Activity" was not that much good.

I bought him a drink in return for his help.

We're not gonna make it, are we?

There's a pay phone over there.

Bryan didn't need to go to the meeting.

This book is not only more instructive but more interesting than that book.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

I love candied chestnuts, but they are very sweet.


That woman who has a child on her knee has a photographic memory.

I'll try to be more like Kuldip.

What are you unhappy about?

Can you give me any details?

You're all very calm.


This is a test.

Can you watch him tonight?

I realized too late that I needed Olof's help.

Dion hopes to become a famous painter.

I think Tony hangs out with Bernie too much.

We're waiting for them to return.

I imagine that Suresh will eventually give up and let someone else do it.

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There is a big movement today to recycle trash.

He wants to save the planet.

I thought you trusted me.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, they went through the contract again.

Elliott struck out.

This soup tastes like fish.

I really appreciate your offer to drive me to the station.

You're lucky to have found each other.

I didn't see Billie on Monday.

Green plants carry out photosynthesis.

She says that she's lonely.

He contributed much money of his own accord.

Pua is singing at church.


He was admitted without sitting for an examination.

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I think Elizabeth is outgoing.


I figured you might know who Lisa went with.


Your blood pressure's high.

In response to customer concerns, we will definitely be addressing this software defect.

We're a good team.

David has studied both French and English.

I suggest we forget our differences and try to cooperate.

You are a creep.

That book is written in French.

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I have the tickets in my bag.

They don't have enough income to lay aside for the future.

I feel like this is a good time to leave.

They pay him well.

People are trying to sleep in here.

You are like cassandra.

Annie never knew how Rusty felt.


Children should play outside.

She will attend the meeting instead of me.

Monetary policy in United States has been characterized by tight credit over the months.

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I don't think there is any way I can help.

If it is fine tomorrow, I will go sailing with my friends.

The room is warming up.


Rajendra is a little tipsy.


That was a tragic plane crash.

Get yourself together.

She earns a living as a writer.


I don't like to talk about Trevor.

You should not keep people waiting.

You don't have to tell me why.

I wish he would write more often.

These things belongs only to me.

You can use my phone.

Don't waste my time.


When his wife died, he received dozens of letters of sympathy.


Naren gave me something I really wanted for my birthday.

Seymour and Hank did some brainstorming.

Shall we go and eat?


His escape from prison was well planned.


Version 1.5.0 of the software has just been released.

The city was in ruins.

Oh, we're out of sugar.

Anyways, we have no other choice.

No, I saw it. It's true!

My mother warned me not to marry you.

I've never been able to handle responsibility.

Are you all right?

We should not place too much emphasis on money.


Mistakes do give us wit, a sole one - not a bit!

Raul had never had that problem before.

Where did you put my umbrella?

The headteacher uses unorthodox methods.

He abhors violence.

The crowd gathered around the speaker.

They are riding very fast.


Do your own work.


I'm waiting for her to leave.

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Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach today.

We haven't had dessert yet.

Absence of rain caused the plants to die.

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Who're you looking for?


When will it stop raining?


I had second thoughts.

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I finally pulled myself together and made a Herculean effort to improve my sock situation: I bought 15 pairs of identical black socks, and threw away my old ones.

The news of the death of his son was a shock.

He can speak German, not to mention English and French.


It's not possible to wait.

Walt took care of my kids when I was in the hospital.

You must sometimes write to me.

Can you drive me to the airport tomorrow morning?

I can wait.


It's not surprising that he be proud of his son.

How could Galen do this to Danielle?

Nicolette got lost.


A dog is a faithful animal.

Please, I ask that you stay calm.

Nathan returned to work.

I don't object to that.

I don't get along with him.

Eugene and Claire told everybody that they'd gotten divorced, but they're actually still married.

Hui did warn us.


We gave up.

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Please remember me to all your family.

Had the elephant and the giraffe not had common ancestors, how might one possibly have observed that they had an exactly equal number of vertebrae in their necks?

We gathered around the teacher.

Sal plays baseball like a pro.

We have dinner at seven.

Blake was in prison for three years.

He cannot have told you a wrong number.

It just doesn't count.

Pharamp paid a fine for illegal parking.

Our evidence is no more than a tiny sliver of solid knowledge amidst the vast bog of doubts and speculations.

Don't touch me.

Do you know the conversion rate between dollars and euros?

He has always liked to drive at a dangerous speed.


Can you see in this light?

He cannot be hungry; he has just had lunch.

If I can get a book from the library, it saves me from having to buy it in the bookshop.

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My mother doesn't like the summer heat.