Maps of our canal adventures


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Date of this update: 10th September 2017.

Distance from start at Laroche Migennes: 1,200 Km.

  france 2017 progressYou can click on this map of France and Belgium to see where we are in 2017-  Just follow the thickish red line.

The (originally) planned route is at the bottom of this page.

 Where are we? 

We are in France at the end  of the Burgundy Canal. We have already travelled down the Yonne, Seine and Marne Rivers then on several canals lateral to the Marne River then the Moselle River, the Vosges canal and the Petite Saone.

We had to change our plans! The Meuse Canal is still closed due to lack of water and other canals in the area are very suspect, with very low water levels. For instance, the Canal des Ardennes is on the point of closure. So, we are heading South on the Vosges (which we previously missed due to a broken dyke) then to the Petite Saone, the Saone and finally the Burgundy Canal (with infamous Pouilly Tunnel).

This year (2017) will be our last full year on Anja. We are doing a large clockwise loop, as a result of our change of plans.

You can see maps of each year's travels below. Just click on a small map to see the bigger picture:

2010 thumb   (610) 905-3211 2012 thumb 701-467-5946
2010 in Red   2011 in Pink 2012 in black  2013 in Orange
(586) 576-6156 netherlands thumb  (818) 943-6596  thumb france belgium 2016
2014 in Yellow N'lands 2014 grey  2015 in blue  2016 Mauve
 (215) 335-8716      
 2017 Dark Green      


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