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Software to help you find great talent.

Entelo Search

Entelo Search finds great candidates. Search across our database of over 27+ million candidates indexed from dozens of social sites.


Entelo Diversity

Easily source talent from traditionally underrepresented groups using our proprietary search filters.

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View a candidate's complete Entelo profile with one click, no matter what site you're on.

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Build great teams. Build diverse teams.

With Entelo Diversity, recruiting teams can cost-effectively build diverse pools of candidates for important openings.

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A free, regularly updated series of web-based courses intended to enhance the skills of both the veteran hiring manager and the first-time sourcer.

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Leverage the web

Use all the public data the web has to offer! We'll show you how to find candidates' activity in their industry's online hubs to get a clear sense of their ability.

Recruit efficiently

We've compiled all the best tools to speed up your workflow, manage your pipelines, and simplify CRM usage.

Keep it clean

Good ethics in your recruiting efforts will earn your candidates' trust. See how recruiting pros navigate the murky waters of ethics in recruiting.

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